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Learn About Spam

Users of email are familiar with the term "spam" and computer users fear the spread of viruses via email. The terms are frequently used incorrectly.
78% of all email is spam.
The massive number of email annoyances caused me to do a lot of reading about the subject and to summarize, in very brief form what I learned. This project began in June of 2013 and was intended for my education as well as an attempt to explain some problems one of my clients was having with emails.
I learned that there are very many forms of email abuse. Some of these abuses are malicious, some are benign, some are annoying, and some are useful.
This article titled Basic Email Information and Common Abuses is now available under the DelWeg Essays section of the Library on this website.
The article describes the many forms of abuse but does not discuss the measures users of email should use in response to these abuses. Maybe Later.

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