All Amputees and Caregivers are Welcome
If you are an amputee or a caregiver to an amputee we enthusiastically welcome you to join our group. It does not matter where or when your amputation occurred, nor does it matter who your therapists and prosthetists are, where you live, or how regularly you can attend. When you join us we all benefit.

The cornerstone of the Mercy Hospital South Support Group is education. Four meetings per year consist of presentations by experts in topics which relate to living with limb loss. Seven additional meetings per year are devoted to social activities as simple as restaurant lunch and conversation or a more structured group activity such as a cook out or a trip to the race track.

Assisting Each Other
When you leave the hospital and even after extensive therapy there will be many things to learn. Many little things never seem to get discussed in normal training sessions.

What about driving? How do I manage taking showers? Can I fill my car with gas? Can I navigate stairs? Will I be able to garden? What about all that snow in my driveway? Is this thing supposed to hurt? How do I ... ?

Amputee Support Group members have been there and have figured out a way to deal with many of challenges posed by living with limb loss. They are eager to "spread the word."

On the flip side of the coin, if you have lived with limb loss for some time, the support group really needs your membership. Only you can provide the newbies with lessons learned first hand.

Join the Group
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If you want more information about the support group, contact any one of the people listed at the top of this page.

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