Amputee Coalition of America Website
The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) is the premier organization for people affected by limb loss. The homepage provides an opportunity to explore all of the services offered by ACA.

The Strategic Goals of the Amputee Coalition for 2015-2017 are summarized in the work plans for the next three years:

Amputee Coalition Facebook Page
The Amputee Coalition Facebook PageContains a lotof information about ACA, amputations, events and meeting and lots more. Comments from other amputees are posted here after they have been reviewed. "Like" this page and you will get good screened information from the amputee community.

National Limb Loss Resource Center
An extremely helpful subset of the ACA is the National Limb Loss Resource Center This index page provides access to a tremendous wealth of information. If you can't find what you are looking for, give them a call at 1-888/AMP-KNOW and they will be glad to help. My experience is they have always sent a lot of material in response to any question I asked.

Another very helpful part of The National Limb Loss Resource Center is a collection of
Fact Sheets.
There are currently 32 Fact Sheets listed. Some of the topics (in no particular order) are:
Pain Management and the Amputee
Prosthetics FAQ's for the New Amputee
Mismatched and Single Shoes
Prosthetic Limb Donations and
Foreshortened Prostheses (Stubbies)

Receiving and Reading inMotion Magazine FREE
inMotion magazine is FREE and is available in both normal print version and electronic version online.

Since 1991, inMotion has presented articles written by leading orthotics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation professionals regarding technological, physical, emotional, financial and other issues important to amputees and those born with limb differences.

Additionally, it includes interesting and informative articles by and about amputees themselves. inMotion remains today the only comprehensive national magazine for people with limb loss, their families and the people who support them.

You may sign up to receive a copy of either the print or online version of inMotion by following this LINK.

Links to online issues of inMotion are available from this site on the Readings page inMotion.