St. Anthony Amputee Support Group Quarterly Newsletter
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St. Anthony Amputee Support Group Schedule
The St. Anthony Amputee Support Group will meet once a month. Those monthly meetings will be at 11 AM on the second Monday of the month.

Quarterly meetings at the Main Hospital Building will be speaker centered informational/instructional meetings directed toward issues of interest to amputees. These meetings will be in January, April, July, and October.

To assist members who might not be familiar with the St. Anthony's Medical Center Campus, a map of that campus is available on this website. Click on "Campus Map" on the menu at the left.

There will be additional meetings in February, March, May, June, August, September, November and December. These other monthly meetings will normally be a lunch/social gathering at some local restaurant at 11 AM but may be some other activity when it can be arranged.

The location and activity will be determined on an ad-hoc basis so that the group can maintain a sense of spontaneity. Announcements will be sent to every member either by e-mail or by snail-mail.


All lunch meetings begin at 11:00 AM. and are held at O'Charley's Restaurant located at 4130 Rusty Road.
See the map at the right.

February Meeting

The February meeting will be a lunch meeting at O'Charley's Restaurant at 11AM. This meeting will be on 12 FEB 2018.

March Meeting

The March meeting will be a lunch meeting at O'Charley's Restaurant at 11AM. This meeting will be on 12 MAR 2018.

April Meeting

The April meeting will be at 11 AM on April 9.

At our April 9th meeting, we will welcome .... (to be determined)

The meeting will be on the 3rd floor of the John K. Pruellage Heart Center Bldg
Enter at the rear of the Hospital and follow the signs from the lobby.

May Meeting

The May lunch meeting will be at 11 AM on May 14.

June Meeting

The June lunch meeting will be at 11 AM on June 11.

Transportation Services To Meetings
There are two taxicab companies that can serve our members.

The Home Transportation Service from St. Anthony's will provide transportation to meetings at St. Anthony's Medical Center.

Express Medical Transporters (EMT) provides compassionate, safe and timely transportation to those who need it most.

JeffCo Express is a non-profit effort to operate Jefferson County's first public transportation system - - for people with disabilities.

MobilityforU provides total wheelchair accessible transportation service, providing accessible van rentals and chauffeur service to seniors and anyone with special needs.

The menu item "Local Transportation" on the left menu leads to the page of information we have about transportation. On that page you will find additional information including contact information.

If you have any additional ideas send them to me and we will follow up.

National Limb Loss Information Center
An extremely helpful subset of the ACA is the National Limb Loss Information Center This index page provides access to a tremendous wealth of information. If you can't find what you are looking for, give them a call at 1-888/AMP-KNOW and they will be glad to help. My experience is they have always sent a lot of material in response to any question I asked.

If you are interested in social media, then ACA has a very good Facebook page for you.
ACA Facebook. They even have included pictures of some of our members in the cover photos.

Amputee Empowerment Partners (AEP)
This is a support group sponsored by Hanger Prosthetics. It has a very good website and provides assistance to thousands of amputees. At one time three members of our support group were certified peer counselors for AEP.

As of January 20, 2018, AEP had more than 8,300 members, 184 different groups, and 1,000 blog posts, over 9,700 photos, 468 videos, and 20 discussion forums, there's something for everyone at